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Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
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99 min
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4.4 / 10 
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Directors: Anna Mastro [Director] ,

Movie Description:
It follows Sam's adventures at a top-secret training program for a new class of second-born royals tasked with saving the world.


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  • Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020) 1080p web - Movie Scene 1

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For the audience it is intended for, KIDS, it is good...and a good movie for a family night.

I do not understand all of these bad reviews by what seem to be adults?? Just an FYI the movie isn't meant for you. My KIDS, ages 8 and 12, both liked it. I am trying to figure out why people, especially those that the movie is not geared towards are taking issue with an obvious fantasy movie about kids with super powers and calling it unrealistic. I am just going to point out if a movie has anyone with super powers in a movie it is unrealistic, it is just for fun. I have seen many movies based on comic books...Hello Marvel movies and other movies based in fiction and not reality....but when I watch them I don't ask if Captain America or Black Panther are realistic, because they are not in the real world, they are in a movie and they are darn entertaining to watch.Now, back to the real question for which the rating should be given, is it entertaining for the audience it is intended for? The answer is YES. Was I, as an adult able to guess what would more than likely happen knowing the general kid movie formula, yes, but the the movie is not intended for people in their late 30's/early 40's. It was a nice movie to curl up as a family and watch together, my kids enjoyment and our together time is really all I want out of a movie like this.

Huge plotholes

I understand they made this movie for a certain audience. But still.Where is the rest of the society? Why leave the heroics up to a bunch of kids?Why do a latino mom and european dad have asian kids? Just for the diversity?

Very enjoyable

I really enjoyed this movie. It has a really fun story and I'm hoping there will be a number 2!Acting is great, screenplay, directing...really well done.
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